Elder Law Attorneys for Comprehensive Estate Planning in Acton, MA

Those living in Acton, Massachusetts often find that prioritizing quality of care becomes more crucial as we age. This quality of care can encompass many different things, including estate planning—most often, trust-based estate planning. Although planning for the future is something many of us put off, it doesn’t have to be something to be anxious or hesitant about. The team at FEPLG can help you with your Acton estate planning needs.

One crucial piece of planning for the future involves speaking to an experienced estate planning attorney. While there are certainly many to choose from, Family Estate Planning Law Group offers several truly unique services. While the law can certainly feel complex, our overarching goal at FEPLG is simple: to ensure your family is taken care of. We do that through an ongoing, personal relationship with you, as well as with our exceptional SAVeT System.

At Family Estate Planning Law Group, we believe once you meet with us you will see the wisdom of a holistic estate plan that allows you to successfully plan for your future. If you are looking for an attorney familiar with your estate planning needs, look no further than FEPLG.

How is Our Estate Planning Process Different?

You have most likely heard of the different “pieces” that go together to form an estate plan. You might also know that estate planning is different for different stages of life. As an example, if you are in your thirties with minor children, your estate plan is going to be considerably different than it will be if you are in your sixties, with grown children. That being said, there are components of an estate plan that apply equally to virtually any adult of any age.

So, what makes the estate planning process of FEPLG different? Perhaps the primary difference between our attorneys and other Acton estate planning attorneys is that we focus on building relationships with our clients rather than transactional planning. Additionally, we offer our SAVeT System, as well as our Family Care Meeting—services you will rarely find elsewhere.

What is the SAVeT System?

Generally speaking, estate planning involves long-term care issues and the administration and planning of your estate. The FEPLG SAVeT System goes much further:

  • S—Simplify and Consolidate. When you consolidate your assets prior to your asset alignment meeting, you have taken a very important step. Fewer assets mean a decreased chance of probate, along with a more efficient estate plan.
  • A—Align. Next, we will help you align your assets with your overall estate plan. This includes things such as transferring assets to your trust, adding a Power of Attorney, and changing beneficiary designations.
  • Ve—Verify. We then verify this alignment with the individual institutions to ensure there are no unpleasant surprises in the future.
  • T—Track. We continually track your assets to ensure alignment and verification remain current. We know that laws change, regulations of institutions change, and your life can change as well. You can rest easy knowing we are keeping up with these changes, so your plan will work when you need it to.

We have found over the years that many people focus too heavily on documents rather than focusing on ensuring assets are aligned and consistent with the estate plan. Documents can quickly become stagnant as life and assets change. Our SAVeT plan fits perfectly into our overall theme: Together, We Plan for Life®

What is the Family Care Meeting?

Our Family Care Meeting™ is also unique to the estate planning process. This meeting brings in loved ones, helpers, beneficiaries, or trustees as a method of ensuring they know and understand your wishes. This also allows the people most important to you to build a relationship with our team. Perhaps you have a financial advisor or accountant you want to be in on the process. During the Family Care Meeting, our team will facilitate the conversation and answer any questions, opening up the lines of communication.

What is the Overall Process for Estate Planning with FEPLG?

First, we invite you to come in for a complimentary consultation. We want to get to know you so we can have a solid understanding of what you want from your estate plan. We take a team approach to this meeting and every meeting thereafter. Next, following our SAVeT program guidelines, our team will put together an estate plan that clearly reflects you, your life, and your wishes. Our Family Care Meeting brings your trusted advisors and loved ones together to ensure everyone is on the same page. From this point on, Family Estate Planning Law Group works alongside our clients throughout their life, through family changes, law changes, asset changes, and preference changes.

Estate Planning for Seniors

As our population ages, more and more of us will confront elder law issues, whether for ourselves, our parents, or other loved ones. One of the most pressing issues is long-term nursing home care, and how to pay for it.

Elder law is a relatively new development resulting from increased life expectancy, focusing on the needs of seniors and their families as they age.  The FEPLG legal professionals will help you or an older family member navigate critical financial decisions and legal matters that they will face as they continue to age.

The elder law attorneys at FEPLG are specially trained to address many issues that will affect our clients in the long run. When we begin your estate planning process, you will discover that we can assist you in several areas related to retirement and beyond, such as:

Government Benefit Program Eligibility

When you wish to use Medicaid/Medicare and/or Social Security, there are strict application guidelines that must be met. We can assist you in protecting your assets without jeopardizing your eligibility. Medicare rarely pays for long-term nursing home care, and in the greater Boston area, nursing home care can cost from $120,000-$150,000 per year. Medicaid is the most common method of covering the cost of long-term care; however, the rules are very strict.

Elder Care Coordination

Coordinating resources to finance your long-term care needs can be a significant task. Our team members can guide you through the steps in this process, ensuring the rights and welfare of seniors and their families are protected. We can address Powers of Attorney documents, estate planning, probate and estate administration, advanced directives, and Medicaid and Medicare planning.

Tax Planning

Our FEPLG team is skilled in the use of asset protection tools, trusts, and gifting exclusions. Our elder law attorneys are highly skilled, experienced, and up-to-date regarding Massachusetts policy and legal issues. We provide sound strategies that will help you plan for long-term care, preserve your family wealth, and anticipate the legal and financial concerns that accompany aging. Our goal is to ensure your heirs have minimal exposure to taxation, creditors, or probate complications.

Rely on a Reputable Acton Elder Law Attorney for Your Retirement Needs

When we established Family Estate Planning Law Group in 1990, we had one vision in mind: provide high-quality estate planning and elder law representation. This helps our clients and their families protect their assets and benefit from a long-lasting legacy. The city of Acton, with its Discovery Museum and Pratts Brook Conservation Area, has a growing community of retirees needing asset protection and guidance to support their families for generations to come.

When you choose FEPLG to help you build a lasting financial legacy for your loved ones and beneficiaries, we partner with you for life to ensure your estate plan is always up-to-date and relevant to your life circumstances.

Discover how our ongoing client care program can provide you with the support and estate planning services you need. Contact us today to schedule a complimentary initial consultation. We also invite you to explore our blog and visit our website to find out more about FEPLG and our team members who are familiar with Acton estate planning needs and who are ready to guide you through this process.