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Think for a moment about your current assets, property, household, and retirement benefits. Essentially, everything you own makes up your estate. What happens to all of this property when you die? For families in Lincoln, Massachusetts, this can be a multi-faceted question. Lincoln estate planning requires careful thought and experienced, knowledgeable legal assistance. Lincoln is home to Hanscom Airforce Base and the military families stationed there. Whether you are stationed at Hanscom Airforce Base or are a local Lincoln resident, you have lots to consider when it comes to planning your estate.

At Family Estate Planning Law Group, we understand that you may feel overwhelmed when thinking about your estate plan. None of us want to think of leaving our loved ones behind, or of the possibility we could become incapacitated at some point in our lives. Unfortunately, death is a virtual certainty, and accidents do occur. What you can do is build a legacy you and your loved ones will benefit from in the future. The focus of the FEPLG legal team is to help you establish a plan that provides for those you leave behind for generations to come.

How FEPLG is Unique For Lincoln Families

The FEPLG team has some unique offerings for those wishing to have an estate plan prepared. First, you will meet with our highly experienced team so we can get a feel for what you want to accomplish through your estate plan. Our SAVeT™ System is something you are unlikely to see at other estate planning firms. We help you simplify and consolidate your assets prior to your asset alignment meeting. Fewer assets decrease the chance of probate, resulting in a more efficient estate plan.

Next, we will help you align your assets with your estate plan through tools such as beneficiary designations, Powers of Attorney, etc. We then verify the alignment with involved institutions to prevent future surprises. Finally, we continually track your assets to ensure alignment and verification remain current. Laws change, institutions change their regulations, and your life circumstances will change. We make sure those changes are incorporated into your estate plan.

At some point in the process, we can schedule a Family Care Meeting™ that may involve loved ones, beneficiaries, trustees, financial advisors, accountants, or anyone else you choose. Our team will work with your team to ensure everyone involved understands your estate plan and their role in it. Our FEPLG team will facilitate the conversation and answer any questions. We believe this is a great way to open up communication regarding a subject many find difficult to talk about.

With a deep understanding of state and federal estate planning laws, the FEPLG team will ensure your estate plan is as unique as you and your situation. Working with our FEPLG estate planning team is much more than filling out documents. We help you create a strategy that protects your assets from creditors, probate, and even family members you choose not to bequeath assets to. We can also help you mitigate tax risks, discuss Medicaid eligibility issues, and work together to solve any other issues related to estate planning or elder law.  Whatever your estate planning goals, we will work with you to help you reach those goals. Together, We Plan for Life®.

What Does a Lincoln Estate Planning Attorney Do?

You may wonder how an FEPLG estate planning attorney can help you with your specific estate planning needs. Not only can we help you prevent lengthy, costly probate processes and Massachusetts estate tax burdens, we can also do the following:

Help You Establish a Comprehensive Estate Plan that Avoids Probate

While having a Will is one way to distribute your assets, it is a guaranteed path to a Lincoln probate court. Those who rely only on a Will to manage their estates after death may risk the court failing to approve the Will after their death. This means the assets and property addressed in the Will would fall under state succession laws, perhaps winding up in the hands of family members you would not choose. It also means that even if the Will is accepted, the process is still public and can incur significant expenses and headache waiting around for the court to act. Working with the FEPLG estate planning team allows you to create an estate plan that mitigates this risk.

Provide Thorough Advice Regarding State and Federal Estate Law

Every year, federal estate tax caps change, and state law often has frequent updates as well. Working with our experienced estate planning team involves more than just sitting down and creating an end-of-life plan to distribute your estate. You will form a partnership with our FEPLG team that will continue throughout your life as we assist you in modifying your estate plan when regulations, institutional rules, or your life changes.

Protect Your Rights and Wishes with a Health Care Proxy

Deciding who to trust with your Health Care Proxy is a major life decision that carries significant responsibility. Our experienced estate planning team can help advise you as you select the right Agent for your Health Care Proxy in the event of your incapacitation.

Protect Your Legacy for the Future

Many individuals want to leave a lasting legacy that benefits multiple generations of their family. Establishing a comprehensive estate plan requires a legal team familiar with all aspects of the law that could impact your estate plan, your end-of-life plan, and other elder care issues. From complex Medicaid eligibility requirements and regulations to Powers of Attorney and Trust options, our highly skilled FEPLG team will help create a solution to ensure your legacy for many, many years to come.

Create a Lasting Partnership

At Family Estate Planning Law Group, we fully understand the importance of maintaining an ongoing relationship with our clients. This relationship ensures estate plans are always relevant to current circumstances. We understand that as you age you will experience new challenges and accomplish new milestones. The birth of a child or grandchild, a marriage, a death, a new job, a move, a second marriage—these are all events that can require changes in your estate plan. Our estate planning legal team will work alongside you, throughout your life and the changes to your life through our ongoing client care program.

Lincoln Families Trust Family Estate Planning Law Group

Perhaps you want to create a Trust to provide ongoing support to popular Lincoln organizations like the DeCordova Sculpture Park and Museum. Maybe you want a comprehensive estate plan that encompasses not only your own healthcare decisions while alive but also those you will eventually leave behind. Family Estate Planning Law Group is here to assist you, whatever your estate planning or elder law needs may be. Our firm has spent the last 30 years serving families and businesses throughout the Lincoln community. We provide highly qualified estate planning attorneys and elder law counsel who are well-versed in Lincoln estate planning needs.

Our legal team brings the perfect blend of experience across several areas of estate and elder law to help you create an estate plan that addresses your unique circumstances. We invite you to explore our website and learn more about our many years of service to families and individuals just like yourself who need trustworthy and knowledgeable planning advice. Contact us today to schedule a consultation with one of our estate planning team members so we can better assist you in creating a last legacy for your loved ones and community.