Lynnfield, Massachusetts Marketing Director

I have always been a planner and big-picture thinker. When I first came to work at the firm, I learned that estate planning was a flawless fit for my natural planning tendencies – even my friends and family saw how perfect it was! At the start of my time at FEPLG, I had no idea how well estate planning and my views of marketing would work together, but that too has been a natural fit.

Being in the marketing world is no longer about the old stereotype of sleazy selling; today it is about branding, communicating, and maintaining culture. The focus of Family Estate Planning Law Group on taking care of families is a brand and culture ideal that I instantly fell in love with and enjoy communicating and upholding.

It is gratifying to know the backend work I do is helping to make sure clients have access to materials and receive other communications that helps to empower them and keep them connected with us. I deeply appreciate working for a firm that strives to help families in sustaining their legacies and that works to preserve family dynamics.

Heidi S. Cookson is the firm’s Marketing Director; she has interned and worked for the firm since January of 2017 and at the start of 2019 officially took on her current role. A recent graduate of Gordon College, she holds a B.A. in Business Administration with a Marketing concentration, a B.A. in Finance, and a minor in Communication Arts, and is currently pursuing a Master’s of Communications at Northeastern University while working full-time. Outside the office, Heidi is either reading one of her hundreds of books, snowmobiling or four wheeling at her family home in Vermont, or finding new activities to try with her college roommates.

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