Lynnfield, Massachusetts Asset Alignment Administrator

Throughout my life, the thing that has allowed me to muscle through any difficulty and stay calm during times of stress has been the unfailing support of my family, especially my parents. As I’ve grown, I’ve come to appreciate how much their care and strength has allowed me to flourish. I’ve also realized just how many of the nitty-gritty details of life they have taken care of or shed wisdom on for me.

Working at Family Estate Planning Law Group has given me the opportunity to begin giving back to the people that guide us through the trickier parts of life. I enjoy being able to help our clients and their families make sense of the many complex pieces of estate planning, knowing that each little step is working towards their peace of mind and an easier transition at a time when it means the most. Getting to know our clients and working with them to carry on the legacy they have created is a wonderful way to begin giving back to parents, and show appreciation for how much they have done.

Isabelle R. Skillen is an Asset Alignment Administrator and has been with the firm since August 2018. A graduate of Gordon College, Isabelle holds a B.A. in Sociology with minors in Psychology and Peace and Conflict Studies. Outside the office, she spends her time walking the Plum Island beaches, working on her many knitting projects, and practicing yoga.