Family Estate Planning Law Group Receptionist

After many years of working from home, supporting Vinnie in growing the Family Estate Planning Law Group, and raising our two children, we decided to cure my empty nest syndrome with my coming back to the professional world. I am a people person, and I enjoy meeting all the clients that enter through our doors. Some of the clients I have known for many years.  I am so looking forward seeing them again and meeting new clients and their families!

I am very family oriented, however, my parents and grandparents are deceased. Their having an estate plan in place, made it so easy for me while grieving to set their affairs in order.  It also helped to have my very own estate planning attorney in house! Although talking about the day you will pass and what happens after is hard, it is so important for families to sort out beforehand.  This is especially important for families that have children and those with special needs. I am so proud of the work Vinnie does along with the amazing team here at Family Estate Planning Law Group.

I am so happy to be a part of this team that is heartily committed to taking care of families. When the time comes for families to work through the loss of a loved one, our team is ready to come alongside you and provide guidance and support.  We are committed to making sure our clients’ wishes are followed when they are no longer with us.  This is a family practice that respects the differing family dynamics and we work with each client to make sure that no matter what the circumstances in their family, they are taken care of.

Paula is a graduate of Katharine Gibbs Liberal Arts Secretarial School, she received her Master’s in Education from Cambridge College, and also attended Salem State for Day Care Administration. Paula has worked for the lobbying firm Associated Industries as an administrative assistant to the Public Affairs VP, been the Co-Director of the Infant Toddler Program at the Jewish Community Center of Marblehead, and she was the Systems Administrator/Office Manager of the Massachusetts House Ways and Means Committee for 8 years. While Vinnie and Paula’s children were in school, Paula volunteered as a School Committee Member in Swampscott, MA for three years. During her term, deeply passionate about making sure children were provided with programs that educated them on bullying and biases, she and a friend established the Respect for Human Difference Task Force. They held community events and programs in the schools for awareness.  She also volunteered as part of a lobbying group, Suburban Coalition, for suburban communities, to advocate for the suburbs that receive very little federal funding. Currently, Paula enjoys visiting her children and nieces that live out of state.