Family Estate Planning Law Group Legal Assistant

Family is extremely important to me. My entire life has revolved around my siblings and my cousins spending as much time with each other as possible. Each summer we would spend all day in the pool and even sometimes make trips up to Newfoundland with my grandparents. When I took a paralegal course, the Estate Planning module spoke out to me. I knew this was the field where my heart belonged when I look back at all the amazing memories my grandparents made possible for us. I am dedicated to giving families a sense of relief and comfort.

Susannah Mota is the firm’s Legal Assistant.  She graduated from Salem State University in 2019 with a B.A. in English and a minor in Spanish. She also received a paralegal studies certificate from Boston University in 2021. During her free time, she loves to hit up her favorite spots in Salem with her loved ones, hang out with her dog, and play video games with her brothers.