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If you have ever visited the Sleepy Hollow Cemetery in Concord, Massachusetts, you may find yourself reflecting on your own life and your eventual death. You may think about how your loved ones will fare after you are gone. You might also think about what would happen to you in the event you were to become incapacitated. All of these are very normal thoughts, but more importantly, there are things you can do right now to ensure things go as smoothly as they possibly can should the unthinkable occur.

A fundamental step in protecting the welfare of those you love, along with your assets and estate, is to have an estate plan. This may feel like a complex process for Concord families just like you. Thankfully, the legal estate planning team from Family Estate Planning Law Group can guide you through the process in the easiest way possible. We will tailor an estate plan specifically to you, your loved ones, your assets, and your goals.

While this plan may require a number of components, at FEPLG we do things differently. Rather than a “one and done” approach where we fill up your estate plan with as many documents as possible, we take a much more thoughtful, personal approach. Our ongoing client care program is unique in that it follows you through life—through marriage, divorce, birth, death, changes in assets, changes in the law, changes in institutional rules and changes in your wishes.

Our team members focus on building relationships with clients, their families, and their trusted advisors. Further, through our unique Family Care Meeting™ we help you to involve your trusted advisors and others you want to be a part of your estate plan. Your team for your Family Care Meeting™ will include our team along with your loved ones, financial advisor, accountant, and anyone else you want to be involved in the process.

Why Do I Need Estate Planning Services?

No matter how healthy, young, or financially secure you are, estate planning is crucial for meeting life’s unexpected circumstances. At Family Estate Planning Law Group, we recognize that everyone should preserve their assets and protect their legacy for the long term. This requires working with a team of talented attorneys with extensive knowledge of the many areas of law that can affect your estate plan, including:

  • Massachusetts Estate Taxes
  • Divorce
  • Adoption
  • Disability
  • Capital Gains Tax
  • Intestacy
  • Incapacitation
  • Debt
  • Medicaid/Medicare Law
  • Probate

How to Find a Good Estate Planning Team

If you are trying to determine the right attorney for your estate planning needs, remember that a single attorney may not be enough. Setting up a trust is more than just writing up a piece of paper with your directives on it. At FEPLG, we have a team that works with you to create the legacy you want for your loved ones after you die. We do this because estate planning requires multiple resources to ensure you that your plan works the way you intend.

When hiring an estate planning team, look for the following:

  • Focusing in estate planning and related law
  • Able to manage a wide range of tasks
  • Compassionate and caring
  • Will work with you throughout the entire process and beyond
  • Focuses on a comprehensive estate plan (including asset alignment) and not just estate planning documents
  • Is available (or returns your inquiries quickly) to speak with you and answer your questions

How to Prepare for an Estate Planning Meeting

In order to create a plan that is customized to your needs, you will need to consult with an experienced FEPLG team member that is familiar with Concord estate planning needs. At this meeting, our team will review your assets and family situation, as well as any specific concerns that you might have related to your estate plan. To prepare for your initial consultation with the FEPLG team consider the following:

Bring Your Asset Information—We can help with this task, but by bringing the following documents, we can better assess your estate planning needs.

  • Grant deeds to real estate
  • Financial statements
  • Business agreements
  • Stock certificates
  • Life Insurance policy information
  • Copies of any current estate plans, wills, or trusts you have in place
  • Marriage license, prenup agreements, and divorce decrees

Make Your Estate Planning Attorney Aware of Special Circumstances

Everyone has a unique set of life circumstances, and openly discussing these with your estate planning attorney is crucial when meeting for the first time. Maybe you have a family business or a child with a lifelong disability that will require ongoing care beyond your lifetime. It is best to discuss these circumstances at the beginning of the planning process to create the right asset protection and distribution options for you and your loved ones.

Don’t Hesitate to Ask Questions

Our team members are knowledgeable and highly trained in our field. No matter what question you may have, we can help you find the answer you need. Never hesitate to ask for explanations of the estate planning process and how it may affect your situation. We are here to put you at ease and guide you while building a long-term relationship with you and your loves ones.

Concord Families Trust Family Estate Planning Law Group

The storied history of America’s war for independence began in Concord, Massachusetts, and our firm is proud to serve this small town wrapped in some of our nation’s oldest military and literary histories. Since the 1990s, we here at Family Estate Planning Law Group have brought comprehensive estate planning services to our clients in this community. Our team of estate and elder lawyers understands the complex nature of the many legal aspects related to estate planning. Let us provide you with the guidance you need to create a multi-generational legacy that endures.

Contact FEPLG today and discover how our ongoing client care program can support you now and in the future. Learn more about our Family Care Meeting™ option and how it could benefit you and your loved ones. We also invite you to explore our blog and visit our website to find out more about FEPLG and our team members who are ready to guide you through this process.