I grew up extremely close to my grandparents. They both ended up passing away within months of each other and had no plan for who would inherit their assets and anything they owned. Seeing the stress this caused my mother and relatives made me realize the importance of having a concrete, dedicated, and organized plan for what should happen to one’s assets once they are no longer here. After seeing this struggle firsthand, I want to do everything I can to be able to assist clients with planning their estates in a way that minimizes the worry, stress, and uncertainty that comes with building an estate plan to ensure both they and their children and relatives are taken care of.

Family also has always been a major factor in my life while growing up, and I want to make sure my role in the asset alignment team guarantees the well-being and confidence of families trying to plan for their loved ones and helping them feel like they are in good hands throughout the entire estate planning process.

Ian McGrail is the firm’s Legal Assistant for Asset Alignment. He has been with the firm since February 2024. Ian is a graduate of Salem State University, earning his Bachelor’s in Political Science (B.S) with concentrations in International Relations and Foreign Policy. Ian plans to start his graduate education in the fall continuing to study these areas while gaining experience in law for his future plans to obtain a J.D. after graduate school. In his free time, Ian enjoys playing video games, listening to music, spending time with family, reading, and cooking.