Medicaid Crisis Planning

Sudden Changes and Big Decisions

Change is life's only constant. Sometimes these changes strike without warning. If you or a loved one has experienced a sudden illness or serious accident, you understand how abruptly everything can change. Are you or a loved one suddenly in need of nursing home care? Finding and affording quality care on short notice can be stressful and draining. We can help you determine the best options for care and how to qualify for Medicaid to help finance them.

The Medicaid Maze

Medicaid laws are complex, as they combine both state and federal laws to determine eligibility. In Massachusetts, assets (or countable assets) and not income are used to determine whether you are eligible for Medicaid benefits, which are often used to pay for nursing home care. Your total countable assets cannot exceed $2,000* in Massachusetts. Although certain possessions, like your home and automobile, are "exempted" for purposes of determining Medicaid eligibility, this figure is still alarming and some assets that are not countable can still be taken after your death to repay a lien Medicaid can place on your assets during life. If the applicant is married, the process becomes more complicated. For the recipient to qualify for Medicaid in Massachusetts, the applicant's spouse can keep up to $119,220* but will have to “spend down” the rest before becoming eligible for Medicaid benefits. The spouse may also keep certain income based on that number and the amount Massachusetts will allow.

If your need for nursing home care is immediate, time is not something you can afford to lose, but there may be some last minute planning available to you to protect some or all of your assets.

The Medicaid Qualification Process: Finding Your Way

This is only a brief and oversimplified review of a few Medicaid rules, of which there are myriad more. Navigating them on your own could be a nightmare at best and subject you to penalties at worst. We can advise you throughout the pre-planning, crisis planning, and application process to ensure you retain the maximum income and total assets allowed by law.


Seek appropriate counsel before you apply for and seek to qualify for Medicaid. We can give you - and your family - peace of mind during a difficult and uncertain time. When dealing with Medicaid, legal advice is something you cannot afford to go without.

* Since these amounts are adjusted annually, these numbers may vary slightly depending on when the most recent figures are released.

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